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Financial Credit

Forrest’s Grandpa started FCN in 1954 and sold it in 1995 after retiring. Forrest spent many summers working for Financial Credit Network during high-school and, as a result has always considered the FCN team to be family. We were very excited for the chance to help them re-brand, build a new website, update their marketing efforts and photos!

WEB DESIGN: Forrest Cavale

WEB DEVELOPMENT: Digital Rainstorm

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Cavale Creative

PHOTOGRAPHER: Forrest Cavale

The FCN team has a high value for mixing business and fun. The staff is truly great at what they do but are all very approachable and fun to hang out with. They never take themselves too seriously. It was important to them to have branding and marketing assets that reflected their fun-loving corporate culture. So we came up with a plan that was a little bit like a “marketing mullet”, business in the front (photos above) party in the back (photos below)! Every page of their website is all business until you flip the “time travel” switch on the page headers… that’s when the party starts! Try it out!

In addition to building a fresh website from the ground up, we did a complete re-brand for FCN. They have a beautiful, old building with great style and signage that is completely timeless, but their ultra-modern branding clashed horribly! To further complicate matters, separate branding for trade shows and print collateral made it difficult to maintain a consistent brand image. We used their building’s era and style as inspiration and combined it with the quirky FCN personality to come up with a vintage-style, playful brand identity that would be used consistently across all platforms and collateral. We gave them the full monty: a new logo, typography, color scheme, print collateral, trade show displays, everything!

We took a very minimal and to-the-point approach to the website design by keeping the site simple and easy to use, but we also incorporated bold colors and playful “Easter Eggs” hidden throughout. Make sure you flip the “time travel” switch on the page headers and check out the “About” page for some fun headshots with the team!

FCN mobile mockup