The Cast Protector

The Cast

The Cast Protector is a premade device to pad a sports cast. It was designed by Lee Piatek, an orthopedic surgeon with 30 years of on-field experience in consultation with certified athletic trainers. He approached us to upgrade his website and e-commerce store. We built him a brand new site, with a great set of new photos. 

CLIENT: The Cast Protector

WEB DESIGN: Cavale Creative

PHOTOGRAPHY: Cavale Creative

Special thanks to Exeter High School and the coaches and players from the football and soccer teams for setting us up with players to model the product and access to the practice field!

Silver City

Silver City
Mountain Resort

Silver City is one of our favorite spots on the planet so we were extremely excited when Amanda Atkins from Digital Rainstorm called and asked us to produce the content for a new website she was building for them. We called many of our friends to come and up and be models and then filmed and photographed our way up and down Mineral King. The final product is one of the finest websites we have ever seen (Great job Amanda!). Enjoy!

CLIENT: Silver City Mountain Resort

WEB DESIGN: Digital Rainstorm

PHOTOGRAPHER: Forrest Cavale


We invited some friends to enjoy the weekend at the resort and filmed a “day-in-the-life” header video for the homepage of the Silver City Resort website featuring a beautiful cabin, home-cooked meals at the Resort, hiking in Mineral King Valley, and, of course, s’mores around the campfire!

The site needed to feature full detail images for each of the cabins at the Resort. We carefully captured each of the beautiful cabins and all their accommodations.

To round out the site, Digital Rainstorm asked us to capture some general detail images around the resort and the nearby Mineral King Valley. This is one of our favorite places in California, so we were more than happy to oblige!