Prayer Breakfast 2018

World Ag Expo Prayer Breakfast featured Family - The Grimmius Family

In 2018, the World Ag Expo Prayer Breakfast Committee asked us to produce a short video highlighting the featured family of the year, Randal and Beth Grimmius. We interviewed Randal and Beth and their operations manager, Phil Belko and crafted a story highlighting how their faith in God has impacted their business and their family.

CLIENT: World Ag Expo Prayer Breakfast Committee


LOCATION: Tulare, Calif.

Don’t Give Up the Fight

Aly Youranday - "Don't Give Up the Fight" (Lyric Video)

P4H Music asked us to create a lyric video for musician Aly Youranday’s most popular song from “Never Give Up,” her 2018 EP release. We went through several concepts and revisions and settled on telling the story of Aly’s “present-day” through a lyric video that was organic, warm and approachable without losing the upbeat, energetic vibe of Aly Youranday’s overall brand.

TITLE: Don’t Give Up the Fight (Lyric Video)

CLIENT: Aly Youranday

DIRECTOR: Cavale Creative


ANIMATION: Ryan Brisco

LOCATION: Bakersfield, Calif.

All in the Details

All in the Details

Produced for the 2019 Prairie Grass Film Challenge. All writing, filming, and editing was completed in 48 hours.

DIRECTOR: Ryan Brisco




“THE WORLD’S BEST P.A.”: Kevin Ford


PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Nick Sampietro, Justin Ringhofer

WRITER: Ryan Brisco, Nick Sampietro, Justin Ringhofer, and Forrest Cavale

ART DIRECTION: Forrest Cavale, Tanner Boley

EDITOR: Ryan Brisco, Forrest Cavale


SOUND DESIGN: Forrest Cavale, Shon Baldwin

FOLEY ARTIST: Kevin Ford, Tanner Boley

COLORIST: Forrest Cavale

TITLE SEQUENCE DESIGN: Ryan Brisco, Tanner Boley

Aly Youranday

Aly Youranday

In late 2017, P4H Music invited us to take on the branding, visual identity and media creation for up-and-coming artist Aly Youranday. Our challenge in this project was to create a brand, website, and photo/video content that was fresh, memorable, and matched the high-energy pop style that Aly loved. 

CLIENT: Aly Youranday


WEB DESIGN: Cavale Creative

PHOTOGRAPHER: Forrest Cavale


LOGO DESIGNER: Margarita von Niessen (Lavandas Studios)


The first step in this project was to create a full visual identity for Aly. After several brainstorm meetings and evaluating client-generated mood boards, we settled on photographing Aly in her hometown: Bakersfield, Calif. While marketing to a broad audience, we knew it was important to start by connecting Aly’s followers with her roots. As the saying goes, “the best place to start is at the beginning.” We spent a day exploring Bakersfield with Aly, shooting in locations that had a unique, urban vibe, while still maintaining the overall feel of local Central Valley.

Once we had strong images as a starting point, we reached out to designer Margarita von Niessen of Lavandas Studios to create Aly’s branding and visual identity. With direction from Cavale Creative and input from Aly herself, Margarita designed a logo package and color scheme that is approachable, modern and high-energy.

During the branding process, we continued to plan innovative and original photo/video shoots that would be used to populate the website we were designing as well as promote Aly on social media and brand her music releases.

The website we designed for Aly Youranday is clean, modern, fully responsive, and relies heavily on our imaginative photo/video assets. From its original design, it has grown to include a full merchandise store as well as a “Listen” page on which visitors can listen to a sample of all Aly’s music and watch several “Behind the Music” videos.

Prior to the decision to record an EP, Aly had an active YouTube channel where she would cover her favorite music and post vlogs of her life. Given her audience and traction on this platform, it was important to Aly’s management team to maintain a strong focus on video content. As the journey to recording her first EP in Nashville began to pick up steam, we made the decision to showcase her story through a short documentary that would be featured on her YouTube account, social media accounts and website. While Aly’s retelling of her own story is the heart-and-soul of the documentary, the film also features interviews with her parents, mentor, and the Nashville based producers of her EP.

In addition to this mini-doc, we filmed “Behind the Music” videos for each track that Aly would be releasing. These short videos targeted Aly’s social media followers and gave viewers insight into Aly’s songwriting motivation and overall message while generating buzz and momentum for the upcoming music.

After months of designing, photographing, filming, and editing, we entered the final phase of the project: designing artwork for each of the five singles and the full, 5-song EP, aptly titled “Never Give Up.” We utilized our most visually stunning images from previous shoots with Aly, and opted for contrasting a common design theme across each of the single covers with a bold, eye-catching cover for the physical EP.

Aly’s journey is far from over! After a strong response to her debut EP, she’s gone back to the studio to record a full-length album in the summer of 2019. Cavale Creative is delighted to continue our partnership with Aly Youranday and P4H Music. Keep an eye out for more work with this talented young musician!

Regehr Financial

Regehr Financial

Allen rents an office in the same building that we do and asked us to help him get a website in place. Allen is a life-long family friend and is a constant source of fun and joy in the building and we were honored to partner with him on this project. 

CLIENT: Allen Regehr

WEB DESIGN: Cavale Creative

PHOTOGRAPHY: Cavale Creative

Relying on the simple beautiful natural light in Allen’s office we took simple photos and built a light, airy and fully responsive website to match. (Special thanks to Simon Migaj for the photo on the homepage header)

Regehr Financial mobile mockup

The Cast Protector

The Cast

The Cast Protector is a premade device to pad a sports cast. It was designed by Lee Piatek, an orthopedic surgeon with 30 years of on-field experience in consultation with certified athletic trainers. He approached us to upgrade his website and e-commerce store. We built him a brand new site, with a great set of new photos. 

CLIENT: The Cast Protector

WEB DESIGN: Cavale Creative

PHOTOGRAPHY: Cavale Creative

Special thanks to Exeter High School and the coaches and players from the football and soccer teams for setting us up with players to model the product and access to the practice field!

Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch

Historic Seven
Sycamores Ranch

Local venue, Historic Seven Sycamores reached out to us to create a new, story-driven promotional piece showcasing the venue through the eyes of the owner, Bob McKellar.

CLIENT: Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cavale Creative Company


DP: Zach Niles

ART DIRECTION & CASTING: Drops Of Honey Designs

EDITOR: Ryan Brisco

SCRIPT: Kelly Lapadula

ACTORS: Alyssa & Sam Justice

NARRATION: Geoff Ludlow

MAKEUP: Geneva Pacheco


HAIR: Devon Sindelar

FLORIST: Mint Designs

BRIDE’S DRESS: Ivy & Aster

STATIONARY: Annie B Calligraphy

RENTALS: Letter & Grain

Silver City

Silver City
Mountain Resort

Silver City is one of our favorite spots on the planet so we were extremely excited when Amanda Atkins from Digital Rainstorm called and asked us to produce the content for a new website she was building for them. We called many of our friends to come and up and be models and then filmed and photographed our way up and down Mineral King. The final product is one of the finest websites we have ever seen (Great job Amanda!). Enjoy!

CLIENT: Silver City Mountain Resort

WEB DESIGN: Digital Rainstorm

PHOTOGRAPHER: Forrest Cavale


We invited some friends to enjoy the weekend at the resort and filmed a “day-in-the-life” header video for the homepage of the Silver City Resort website featuring a beautiful cabin, home-cooked meals at the Resort, hiking in Mineral King Valley, and, of course, s’mores around the campfire!

The site needed to feature full detail images for each of the cabins at the Resort. We carefully captured each of the beautiful cabins and all their accommodations.

To round out the site, Digital Rainstorm asked us to capture some general detail images around the resort and the nearby Mineral King Valley. This is one of our favorite places in California, so we were more than happy to oblige!

Farmers Only – “City Slicker”

"City Slicker"

FarmersOnly approached us in the Fall of 2018 and wanted a new set of commercials that brought back a character from previous spots. We wrote three spots featuring an over-the-top “City Slicker” that repeatedly fails at finding love with beautiful country gals. The spots have the classic intentionally cheesy, lighthearted humor of a FarmersOnly commercial and embody the infamous tagline: “City folks just don’t get it!”

TITLE: City Slicker Picnic Date

DIRECTOR, EDITOR: Forrest Cavale

KEY GRIP: Ryan Brisco

WRITER: Matt Sampietro

MAKEUP AND HAIR: Sabrina Tanaka


CAST: City Slicker – Matt Sampietro // Country Girl – Marilyn Cowley // Park Ranger – Ted Nunez

LOCATION: Riata Ranch, Three Rivers, Calif.

TITLE: City Slicker Walk & Talk

DIRECTOR, EDITOR: Forrest Cavale

KEY GRIP: Ryan Brisco

WRITER: Matt Sampietro

MAKEUP AND HAIR: Sabrina Tanaka


CAST: City Slicker – Matt Sampietro // Country Girl – Kayleigh Link // Country Boy – Corey Rendon

LOCATION: Riata Ranch, Three Rivers, Calif.

TITLE: City Slicker Archery Date

DIRECTOR, EDITOR: Forrest Cavale

KEY GRIP: Ryan Brisco

WRITER: Matt Sampietro

MAKEUP AND HAIR: Sabrina Tanaka


CAST: City Slicker – Matt Sampietro // Country Girl – Sarah Santini // Country Boy – Rodney Hartman

LOCATION: Riata Ranch, Three Rivers, Calif.